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84mm cover, full thickness

This is the standard size flooring machined from 100*25 boards. Standard thickness is 19mm.

We can supply other sizes (eg the old imperial size with 90mm cover). These would usually be machined to order.

Matai DB Feature grade 90*19, 84mm cover

A high quality floor with more feature and interesting grain. This flooring is graded to still be structurally sound while having plenty of feature to add class and interest to your home! Feature grade boards may contain small voids that may require filling to achieve an absolutely smooth finish. Features will include knots of various […]

Price: $78 per m2, plus gst.
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Swamp Matai 90*19 end matched…A Rare Timber!!!

Beautiful clean lengths of swamp matai. A lot darker than normal matai. New stock has come out of the kiln and is ready to go!

Price: $128 per m2, plus gst.
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Matai Colour Clears 90*19 (84 cover)

Colour grade is a mixture of clear heartwood and the paler clear sapwood. Amount of heart varies between 10% to 90% on each board. Current stock of this product approx 120 m2

Price: $98 per m2 Plus gst.
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Matai Flooring 90*19 (84 cover) Clean Heart finest grade.

Genuine South Westland Matai. Buying direct from the sawmiller. Finest grade all heart clears. May contain mottle or hard resin flecks. Random lengths,┬ásome shorts down to 1.0m This size is ex 100*25 and has a coverage per board of 84mm. 11.9 lineal metres per m2. We have been cutting matai flooring for the last 25 […]

Price: Please enquire about our new stock of this product.
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