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Dry 50mm DB (knots or small defects) Totara. 1.369 m3 packet.

Price: $1000 per m3

Air dry Totara, MC 18% average.
Pack #1112

Colour DB grade. (mixture of heart and sapwood).
This is a feature grade, ideal for feature joinery or furniture.
Just been defilleted and ready to go. Total volume 1.369 m3.

Mostly 150*50…….158.4 lm
100*50………..31.5 lm
75*50………6.3 lm

See pic of tally sheet for length details.

Other pics show a cross section of various layers in the pack.

Full pack price $1000 per m3.

Part pack price $1300 per m3


Click on a picture below to see it in a larger size:

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