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Japanese cedar

High-quality Japanese cedar at an excellent price!

Building a beautiful home starts with the right choice of quality materials.

Japanese cedar timber is synonymous with long lived and quality Japanese architecture. It is prized for its natural durability, pleasant scent, attractive appearance, sustainable production, and historical use stretching back many hundreds of years. It’s light weight, stability and excellent finishing properties made it first choice for Shou-Sugi-Ban, the traditional Japanese charred finish, or any of the more conventional finishes.

Japanese cedar is ideal as a cladding material for weight conscious applications like mobile tiny homes, as well as being recognized around the world as a cladding material suited for earthquake proof structures.

In addition to cladding applications, Japanese cedar is also commonly used for paneling, saunas, sarking, and soffits.

Sawmill Direct imports this japanese cedar direct from a family owned sawmill on the island of Kyushu in southern japan. It is the only product we do not mill and produce on our own site here in NZ.

Why are we doing this? Because this sustainably grown japanese timber is a very good match for our own NZ grown western red cedar which we have been producing here on the west coast for many years. We have new stock regularly arriving and we keep the most popular products in stock, machined and ready to go.

Japanese Cedar paneling, fantastic value product.

New stock just in for 2020. We have lots of japanese cedar all heartwood panelling. Ideal for saunas, sarking, soffits, and panelling. Mostly a nice tight knot grade, the odd loose knot This is 130 cover*9mm thick TGV reversible, has a bandsawn face and smooth back. Bargain price of $4.95 plus gst per lineal meter. […]

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Japanese Cedar shiplap 140*19. Sugi grown in Japan

Japanese Cedar shiplap 140*19. Sugi grown in Japan

This is genuine japanese cedar, grown in Japan, tight knot all heartwood shiplap cladding. Available in 3m and 4m lengths. Available in bandsawn face or smooth face. Perfect for “Shou-Sugi-Ban” projects or may be finished with conventional finishes. This is the only product that we import, as it complements our sustainable NZ grown timbers that […]

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Price: $9.85 plus gst per m