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Colour Clears rimu 135*19

Price: $118 plus gst per m2

Genuine South Westland Rimu.
Finest grade colour clears. May contain some mottle or hard resin flecks.
Random lengths, mostly 1.8m to 3.6m. Some shorter lengths down to 1m.
This size is ex 157*25 and has a an extra wide coverage per board of 135mm.
Kiln dried, machined, and ready to be laid.
Colour clears is a mix of heartwood and the paler sapwood with no knots or other defect. A grade which was commonly used in old NZ villas.
This profile has a standard cover per board of 135mm. Brand new flooring produced from approved forest sources. Plenty in stock.
There are 7.41 lineal metres per m2.


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